Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Electronic Mother is pleased to make available em_product_categories, a modified version of VirtueMart's product_categories module.  (VirtueMart is an excellent, free shopping cart component for Joomla.  This module requires the VirtueMart component.) 

Like the standard module, em_product_categories presents menus of product categories for customer browsing.  But em_product_categories adds a parameter that specifies an Itemid to apply to all the links produced by the module.   If non-blank, this parameter overrides whatever Itemids the module would otherwise have produced.  (This is particularly useful when the module is placed on the Front Page.) 

This is version 1.0 of em_product_categories.  It overrides the menu's ItemIDs only if you select TransMenu as the value of the MenuType parameter.  Later versions may enable this feature for the module's other menu types. 

em_product_categories  requires that three additional files be added to the directories created by VirtueMart:


These files, plus the module's zipped installation file, are included in the package you can download from our downloads section, under the category: "Joomla! Modules".

Download our package, which is a file named: mod_em_product_categories_1.0.zip. 

Unzip it to reveal the the module file, which is named mod_em_product_categories.zip  Install that module file in the usual way.  That does not install the three support files; add the other three files to your site via FTP (or Dreamweaver, etc.). 



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