Monday, February 19, 2018

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Code never lies,
comments sometimes do.


Electronic Mother has just released Latest News (EM), our first extension for Joomla! 3.x.  It's functionally similar to our Latest News with forced ItemIDs module, which has been supporting earlier versions of Joomla for over seven years.

Like the similarly named Joomla core module on which it is based, Latest News (EM) displays the headlines of the most recent content items; and those headlines link to the items. 

However, Latest News (EM) adds parameters that control what ItemIDs (menu-items) will be specified in those links.  This is useful in several circumstances, and especially vital when placing the module on the front page of a website.

For examples of problems that can be fixed by this module, and for usage instructions, see the Latest News (EM) Reference Guide.

To download the module, first make sure you are logged in, and then go to our Archive of Joomla 3.x Extensions.  

For support, consult the Joomla Modules section of our Forum.

If you have a large number of products,  you are going to have serious problems with VirtueMart unless you hack certain files, which we have done here for you.  (You can get them from our Downloads section.)

These problems stem from the requirement to have no more than 2,000 images in any one directory, and the desirability of keeping product images from different manufactures separate throughout their respective bulk uploading processes. 

We've just added some hacked VirtueMart files to our downloads section to address the following VirtueMart bug:

When a product is deleted in VirtueMart, all the media files associated with that product are also deleted.  This can be a serious problem.  Old images of old products should never be automatically deleted from the server.  There are (at least) three reasons:

There is a serious bug in Joomla 1.5 (all releases to date). 

When you use the back-end to change a template's parameters, Joomla changes the permission settings of the template's .ini file from 644 (correct) to 555 (wrong). 

Have you ever wanted to have a holiday-related article that repeats each year?
Or a reminder-article about a recurring deadline?
Or post a birthday or anniversary greeting that reappears automatically each year?


Electronic Mother's favorite pizza topping:

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