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Created Monday, 22 September 2008
Modified Thursday, 24 July 2014
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Proteus Plugin #1: PayPal Buttons

Change the names of all your installed Plugins to whatever makes sense to your authors or clients!

This plugin (content mambot) is the first of Electronic Mother's Proteus
Plugins (TM). Like the original "Man of a Thousand Faces," a Proteus Plugin (TM) lets you change the "name" of the plugin. That is, you can change what goes inside the curly brackets to trigger the plugin.

The default "trigger text" for this EMpaypal plugin is 'paypal', but you can change that to anything your authors prefer, for example: 'button'.

Authors use this plugin to insert PayPal buttons --- either "Buy Now" buttons, or "Add to Cart" buttons, or both buttons side-by-side.

For details on usage, see this article.

Make sure that Joomla's standard Email-Cloaking mambot runs *before* this EMpaypal plugin, or else the e-mail cloaking will scramble the PayPal ID of the button. (Use the up/down arrows on the mambot list in the Joomla Administrator to make sure that Email Cloaking appears somewhere above EMpaypal in the list.)

For more information on Proteus Plugins in general, and on plugin_EMpaypal in particular, see the full article: EM Releases First Proteus Plugin: PayPal Buttons.

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